The institutional strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

our vision

Saudi Arabia is the center for attracting quality investments in industry and mining


Our message

Leading the industry and mining system in accordance with an effective governance framework that supports the competitive capabilities of partners, the efficiency of resource use, maximizing benefits management, to provide an attractive environment for investments, and the creation of national services and products based on creativity and innovation, to promote sustainable development.

Our value

The values of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources reflect its strategic priorities, which are represented in 5 core values:

Ambition Influence Trust Empowerment vitality

The strategic pillars of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

Organizational Structure and Capacity Development

-Developing institutional capacities

-Assign operational roles

- Building Flexible Teams

Interaction with the industry and mining system entities

- framing the roles and tasks of the system’s entities

-Responsive and adapt to partner requirements

- Applying the business model of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and its partners

Culture and Change Management

- Establishing constructive behavioral practices

- Stimulating awareness, desire for change and an effective work culture

Investor Central

-Enhancing the attractiveness of the investment environment in the industrial and mining sector

-Expanding business horizons with our partners

-Provide competitive services to investors

Digital Transformation

- Simplify the investor's journey

-Developing and digitizing internal procedures

- Make decisions based on data

Enable Sector

-Focus work on key enablers

-Activate business models and joint coordination

Strategic directions

Unifying visions and strategic directions Integration of the roles of the ministry and the agencies of the system Flexible structural design and an interactive operating model that achieves the integration of the ministry and system entities Raising the institutional maturity of the ministry and system entities Enhancing organizational capabilities for rapid response to business changes Investment in building national human capacity