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Intellectual Property Center

The Intellectual Property Center is the first stage for the launch of the General Administration for Development and Innovation. The protection of intellectual property for patents or industrial models for innovators is one of the initial stages in the innovator’s journey to encourage innovation and invention, rights reserved for innovators, and protect competitiveness to enhance investment.

An overview of intellectual property

A set of rights that protect human thought and creativity, including copyright, related rights, patents, trademarks, industrial models, plant varieties and layout designs of integrated circuits.

Integrated circuits

An integrated circuit is an innovative, miniature electronic circuit designed to perform a precise electronic function and generally used in electronic devices. At least one of the elements is active and the connections or some of them form an integrated shape in an interconnected piece of matter. These elements are put together in a three-dimensional arrangement for manufacturing purposes


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. In general, it gives the owner the right in the way using by others the invention. Thus, the patent owner provides the technical information about the invention publicly available in the published patent document.

Industrial designs

An industrial design includes creations that take shape in the decorative or aesthetic appearance of an object. The design can consist of three-dimensional elements, such as the shape or surface of a piece, or two-dimensional elements, such as graphics, lines, or colors.
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